5 Ways Out of a Reading Slump

Initially, when the lockdown started, I was excited! This would save me time in travelling to work and I could finally get time to read through my TBR. Boy, did that thought wear off quickly!

Two weeks in and I felt like I couldn’t read another word. It’s not like I had read a lot in that time but for some reason I just couldn’t read. I was unable to focus on the words and had to re-read the simplest paragraphs thrice sometimes because I kept losing track of the story. It didn’t take long to realise that I was facing the proverbial slump.

For someone who loves books, I couldn’t deal with the fact that I was unable to read and it bothered me relentlessly. I did quite a bit of research on the internet and tried a lot of things and you know what, some of them really worked! So here’s a list of 7 ways out of a reading slump that helped me (most them are still related to books and/or reading):

Read a Comic

How many of us got into reading thanks to comics? I remember diving into my Tintin comics as soon as Dad would bring them home. They are very, very short stories and hence, won’t take more than 30 minutes to finish. No more dealing with the stress of completing a book! Also, comics have pictures! I mean, how many times have you wished that your book had pictures to accompany the story? Comic books are a breather from your regular books and a good way to make reading fun.

Excerpt from Tintin comics

Visit a Bookstore

I’ve always found visiting a bookstore to be a cathartic experience. Being surrounded by the fragrance of new books, browsing through shelf after shelf to see what’s new and the cha-ching! of the cash register when I pay for my new book! Being surrounded by so many different stories is a very fulfilling moment. Needless to say, bookstores are my happy place.

Bahrisons Booksellers outlet in Saket, New Delhi

Read Fanfiction

Fanfiction is so popular, I wonder why its not promoted more. There are some really good authors out there with some brilliant ideas. Fanfiction gives you a different perspective on some of your favourite stories. For example, I usually lie back with some Hermione and Snape fanfiction on the weekend for some light reading. Fanfiction reduces the commitment you have to a story. Plus, there are tons of one shot stories which means they aren’t more than a couple of pages, very appealing for a quick read.

Write a Book Review

You know all those reviews that you’ve been putting off? Sometimes, even though you don’t realise it, the pile of pending reviews can be wearing you down. Start simple and short, jot down small ideas, refer back to the book for quotes and post a review. Consequently, you can also read book reviews on books in your TBR. This really helps you re-prioritise your TBR and reduces the number of books you need to worry about going unread.

Destroy that TBR

If you’re guilty of hoarding books like me, you know how books start calling out to you as they lie, unread, on your shelves. And there is a constant inner nagging voice that keeps confusing me about which book to pick up from my TBR. To simplify it, I decide on only one book. It could be a guilty read, or a completely new genre or something that I’ve already read and loved. Concentrating on just one book really helps.

There are a whole range of other things that you can do like rearrange your bookshelves, unload books or do a giveaway, read a collection of short stories or start a book-related blog, just like me! There’s no definite way and different things work for different people. Tell me if you’ve used any of these and has it worked for you? And what are some other things you’ve tried to get out of a reading slump?

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